What Is A Manning Agreement

The crew company is responsible for the occupancy of the vessels under a crew management contract. These include the acquisition, recruitment, selection, provision, planning, training/upgrade and ongoing management of seafarers assigned to ships under crew management contracts. Marlow Navigation employs high-level recruitment officers working from a global network of fully controlled crew offices and crew agencies in major marine recovery centres and a wider network of third-party agencies. This operation is managed by designated superintendents who select and deploy the command and crew of each ship under the direction of the crew, taking full account of the specific wishes of the customers. Ship`s crew superintendents and employees provide a global network of crew assistance that cares for their well-being, general administration and day-to-day needs. Ship crew management includes a large number of activities carried out by crew management companies and their crew agencies. . Management crew customers maintain electronic access to our systems, promote operational transparency and contribute to more efficient planning. In addition, it meets the needs of their ISM needs. With a flexible approach and a total commitment to personalized service and quality management, marlow Navigation has earned an enviable reputation in the maritime world for reliability, business acumen and operational efficiency.

At Marlow, multinational teams of experts provide the know-how to manage the fleet under the direction of the crew, in conjunction with contractors, crews and a network of subsidiaries and representations in major maritime centres from our headquarters in the port city of Limassol, as well as with offices in Rotterdam and Hamburg. It also covers administrative aspects of the crew, such as salary settlement services, travel arrangements, insurance, health, banking and financial services assistance, career guidance, communication tasks, as well as team training and family/social programs. Marlow Navigation`s crew management services are flexible and competitive and cover all human resources management for shipowners and ship managers. . In the meantime, continuous training and performance evaluation ensure quality personnel, competence and safety on board. Learn more about Marlow Training: 6.