Vrbo Updated Rental Agreement

We offer booking services to manage requests, offers and leases and to allow rent-related payments. Please read carefully the terms and conditions below and the terms and conditions of a third party. If you do not agree with these conditions or such conditions of a third party, you are not allowed to receive information from our booking services or to use it in any other way. If you do not use our booking services in accordance with the terms of use below, you can expect heavy civil and criminal penalties and other responsibilities. There are only limited ways for a member to use our trademarks or logos in conjunction with a list without express written permission. Below are general guidelines. As a general rule, you can refer to HomeAway or the name of one of our affiliate sites on which you list your property in a way that can be listed in your on-site offer or other authorized communications. For example, you can say “Look at my holiday home on HomeAway” or “I list properties on HomeAway.” However, you should not refer to HomeAway or any of our related companies in any way that could lead anyone to believe that your business, property, offer or website is sponsored, linked or supported by HomeAway or any of our affiliates. For example, you can`t say “HomeAway sponsors my apartment” or describe your property as “HomeAway s the best apartment.” You cannot use the name HomeAway or the name of our affiliates on another website that lists vacation apartments without our prior written permission. Interesting – we have included our rental contract in our list.

It is entirely possible that the owner, as a lawyer, may not feel that this is sufficient protection of his or her interests. Given that sites like VRBO insist that the contract is between you and the owner and that they are just an interlude, I think it is definitely something they can do. These conditions constitute the whole agreement between us and you with respect to the issues presented here, each member representing and committing that: (i) he possesses and/or has all the rights and powers necessary to offer and rent the property indicated by that member; (ii) it will not unduly retain a rental deposit in violation of the underlying lease; (iii) it will accurately describe the leased building object, will not fail to disclose a significant defect or essential information about a rental property, and, on request or otherwise, will check from time to time the contents and location of the property, or the geographical description of the property, to ensure that it is correct and not misleading; (iv) it will not unduly deny access to the classified property; and (v) will not fail to make a refund if it is due in accordance with the applicable cancellation conditions or the underlying lease.