Parental Responsibility Agreement Form C(Pra1)

When registering the child, the mother must contain the father`s name on the birth certificate. If the father`s name is not included in the registration, but the father thus wishes to assume parental responsibility, the mother must re-register the birth of the child to do so. This can be done through your civil registry office and more information about this is available here. The agreement on parental responsibility must be signed and certified by a clerk or a judicial officer and filed with the main register of the family section. The agreement must be tabled, otherwise it will not be legally binding. At the request of the father, parental responsibility is usually granted, unless there is a good reason not to do so, for example. B the father who aspires to it only to be able to harass the mother. In its decision, the court takes into account the degree of commitment that the father has shown or attempted to show the child. Once you have completed the agreement, take it to your local district court or family court, where it can be signed and testified, along with the child`s birth certificate and proof of your identity (passport or driver`s license).

Then you need to send 2 copies of the form: this can only be done if the father`s name does not appear on the original birth certificate. The mother must give her consent and must go with the father to the registration cell or fill out the legal form for the declaration of paternity. Application forms are available from the local financial intelligence unit or from If a father is not married to his mother and is not registered on a child`s birth certificate, this is not automatically the responsibility of his parents. If you are registered on the birth certificate but it happened before December 2003, you are not automatically responsible for your parents. A biological father who does not yet have parental responsibility can educate them: a mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child from birth. In the first place, the father has parental responsibility only if he is married to the mother of the child at the time of the child`s birth. If he is not married to the child`s mother, he has no parental responsibility unless he acquires it in accordance with the provisions of the Children Act 1989. Below are examples of important decisions taken in a child`s life that should have the consent of all the co-responsibilities of any person with parental responsibility: when a residence order is made in favour of the father in matters of the right of the child and he has no parental responsibility, the court must give him parental responsibility. You must apply for an order for children`s arrangements with Form C100 and pay a court fee of £255. It may also be advisable to attach a completed C1 form at the same time.

As with the application for parental responsibility, you must attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) with a mediator and the Mediator will confirm that you have participated. The Regulation on the 1991 Agreement on Parental Responsibility defines the prescribed form that the agreement must adopt in order to be valid. Parents` signatures must be signed by a justice of the peace, clerk or licensed clerk. He cannot be testified by a lawyer. The agreement is recorded by completing two copies in the main register and, when the documents are submitted, an official from the main register seals the copies and sends one to the child`s mother and the other to the child`s father. . . .