Milestone End User License Agreement

Sony Interactive Entertainment America specifies EULA TextPurchase and the use of articles are subject to the terms of use of the network and the user agreement. This online service has been under-licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment America. CONTACT INFORMATIONSAll questions, comments or requests should be forwarded to Milestone through the support. We will try to answer any questions or questions within two business days. 3.6. Open source software. Open source software that is not owned by Cisco is subject to separate licensing conditions, as defined in Current open source software licenses do not significantly affect or affect your ability to exercise usage rights in current Cisco technology. 項各利掲載 当 当ポ 報 報読必報を構 併せ 併せ. Unless an agreement has been reached in writing, nothing in this ECJ transfers ownership of intellectual property rights or grants a licence.

You retain ownership of your content and Cisco retains ownership of Cisco and Cisco Content technology. Cisco can use any feedback you give to your use of Cisco technology in your business activities. INTERVIEWER “Milestone” (“The Game”) is given to you by “Milestone S.r.L.” (“Meilenstein” / “we” / “we”). Our office is located in 2, 20123 Milan, Italy. If you have any questions or comments on these terms and conditions, please contact us via the game`s technical support, available here”Support Service). THESE CONDITIONS APPLY IN ADDITION TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLICABLE TO ANY PLATFORM ON WHICH WE MAKE THE GAME AVAILABLE (“PLATFORM CONDITIONS”). THEREFORE, THE CONDITIONS OF THE PLATFORM ARE CONSIDERED TO BE CONTAINED IN THE CURRENT CONDITIONS. IF YOU CAN`T USE THESE TERMS, PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GAME IS AN INTERNET CONNECTION AND THE AVAILABILITY OF OUR ONLINE SERVICE™® FOR MOST OF ITS FUNCTIONALITY.