Jcope Lobbying Agreement Form

Information on the following topics can be found in the Filing Information and Requirements section: this list contains information for filters about certain parties who are lobbying or on topics or topics on which they intend to lobby at any given time or for which they are lobbying. The list contains information at both national and local/local level. Review 3/8/2019 No. DPM reports should only be submitted for two-month periods during which the lobbyist attempted to influence a public official or by a person or agency working with a public official to recruit, award or manage a grant, loan or agreement involving the payment of public funds in excess of $15,000, whether the grant, loan or agreement is granted. NOTE: This may also require the submission of an amended agreement/approval. This series of videos contains instructions for users on how they submit a registration statement from the lobbyist or public body and how they submit the part of the registration relationship. For more information, please see the written instructions on your situation in the section above. This standard letter terminates a lobbying agreement/authorization between a lobbyist and a client. For 2018 and previous listings.

Paper/PDF filing: If you are unable to archive electronically but have access to the Internet, you can download and print a paper/PDF version of all required forms in the “Paper Forms” section of this page. This form can be filed with a registration statement instead of a copy of a lobbying agreement or lobbying contract. This training gave members of the lobbies community the opportunity to explore the most important elements of the new regulations and learn more. For more information, visit the Lobbying Overview Training page at jcope.ny.gov/lobbying-overview-training where you`ll find the PowerPoint presentation. For more information on filling out the pre-formatted Excel table for disclosure of funding sources, see the “Guide to Completing the Pre-format Excel Table” before filling out the blank calculation table. A spin-off that must submit both an annual disclosure report to the New York City Conflict of Interests Board (COIB) and an SDF to JCOPE may submit the COIB`s submission to JCOPE at the same time as it completes it and sends it to JCOPE. This sample letter explains why the start date introduced in the registration form differs from the start date indicated in the contract. (September 2018 update) A spinr may request the removal of certain information from the copy of his SDF, which is made public.

Editorials can be requested via the FDS online filing system or by filling out and sending this descriptive PDF form. JCOPE may, at its discretion, respond to the request if the information to be provided does not have a significant influence on the performance of the official duties of the spin-off. This form can also be used to request a waiver from the disclosure of certain information about a spouse and/or a non-emancipated child. Again, JCOPE may make the request at its sole discretion if (1) the spouse, on his or her behalf or on behalf of an unencipant child, objects to the disclosure of this information and (2) that the information has no influence on the performance of the official duties of the filer. The process of stopping the new lobbying application is under review and is not currently available to filter it.