Iiroc Carrying Broker Agreement

These agreements allow the introductory broker to streamline its own operations while maintaining its relationships with its clients. This agreement exists between an introductory broker and a carrier broker for the purpose of setting up a type (1-4) setting up/brokerage contract. A type (1-4) introduction/brokerage door is one of four of the introduction carrying brokerage arrangements, where an introductory broker is allowed to introduce clients to a carrier broker. In this agreement, the type (1-4) of carrier broker has agreed to provide certain services, including clearing and registration activities for the introductory type broker (1-4). The agreement is required by the IIROC under The Dealer`s Rule 35, introduction/carrying broker arrangements. The IIROC must approve the agreement before it enters into force. Introductory/transportation agreements are concluded to allow one member (the “introductory broker”) to use another member`s back-office facilities (the “carrier” broker). The services provided may include any combination of: National Bank Independent Network (NBIN) is a division of National Bank Financial Inc. (NBF Inc.), as well as a trademark owned by the National Bank of Canada (NBC), which is used under license from NBF Inc. nBF Inc. Inc.

NBF Inc. is a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund . NBF Inc. is the “Investment Dealer” broker with which you opened your investment account. Your investment trader is independent of NBIN and has retained NBIN to provide specific records and operational services that may include the execution and settlement of securities transactions, the retention of securities and cash holdings, and the renewal of credits in margin transactions. These services are provided as part of a written introducing/carrying agreement between NBIN (as a division of NBF Inc.) and your investment dealer. It is important that you understand the responsibilities of your investment distributor and NBIN as part of this agreement.