Definitive Business Combination Agreement

“Since our company was founded four years ago, Lion has been a disruptive force and has provided our customers with first-class tools and services,” said Jian Wang, President of Lion. “Through the development of a public company, we will be able to leverage our unique business model on a much broader scale and propel our business into an exciting new phase of growth into a major brand in the financial services sector.” Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp. is a blank cheque company created through a merger, share exchange, stock acquisition, share acquisition, recapitalization, reorganization or similar combination with one or more companies. Proficient`s efforts to identify potential target activity will not be limited to a given sector or geographic region, although Proficient intends to focus its research on companies providing financial services in Asia, particularly China. There can be no assurance that the proposed transaction will be completed and there can be no assurance that the potential benefits of a combination of businesses will be realized when the transaction is completed. The description of the transaction in this portion is only a summary and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the final agreements relating to the transaction, copies of which will be submitted by Proficient with the SEC for an updated report on Form 8-K. The conclusion of the Business Combination Agreement transaction, as outlined in the announcement, will allow the company to take a majority stake in a joint venture and strengthen its market position, expand product portfolios and expand distribution channels in Japan, better position the company in the PC market in Japan and enhance the benefits of the company`s overall business through a broader scale. As part of the transaction described here, Pubco and Proficient will submit relevant documents to the SEC, including Pubco`s F-4 form, which contains a Proficient warrant, which constitutes a prospectus for Pubco and a final proxy vote for Proficient shareholders. Immediately after filing its final power of attorney with the SEC, The Proficient will send the final power of attorney and a proxy card to each voting shareholder at the special session on the transaction.