Canadian Kennel Club Non Breeding Agreement

What is a non-breeding contract? The Canadian Kennel Club`s non-breeding agreement is, in its simplest form, an agreement between the buyer and seller of a purebred dog that prohibits the continued breeding of that dog. Will the no-breeding agreement be enforced? Yes. The Canadian Kennel Club does not register the descendants of a dog registered for breeding. The CKC rejects any application to register a throw designed or designed by an uninsed registered dog. How is this done? The non-breeding contract (concluded in three copies) is signed by both the buyer and the seller at the time of sale. The original copy of the agreement is sent to the CKC together with the application for registration. There are no fees other than the low registration fee. What do the above requirements mean? Essentially, they prohibit the breeding of the particular dog mentioned on the form. If the dog is raised intentionally or otherwise, the offspring resulting from this breeding must not be presented as purebred or classified as purebred in the C.K.C records. It is also important to understand that if the buyer subsequently sells this dog, it cannot be transferred to a new owner unless a second non-breeding agreement, signed by both him and the new owner, is made available to the CKC along with the transfer of ownership request and transfer fee. Can a non-breeding contract be terminated? Yes.

The non-breeding contract has been revised so that the necessary consent for the cancellation of the contract can be obtained between the party that initially required the dog to be transferred in accordance with the non-breeding agreement and the registered owner at the time of cancellation. When will a non-breeding contract be used? This instrument is used on occasions when the seller (breeder / seller) has decided, for various reasons, that the dog should not be bred. It could be used when selling a dog with an error or error, in order to prevent the spread of the defect; it could be used to prevent the indiscriminate breeding and production of undesirable animals. A conscientious breeder interested in breed improvement should take full advantage of this unique Canadian destination. What about a dog exported to the United States? It should be noted that a dog exported to the United States and registered as a non-breeder in the CKC registries is not eligible for AKC registration unless the non-breeding agreement is cancelled and a full certificate is issued by the ICC.