Billing Agreements Magento 2

The payment system verifies the settlement agreement based on its unique number and debits the customer`s account. With a billing agreement, it is no longer necessary for the customer to enter the payment information for each purchase. Customers can manage their billing agreements through their customer account dashboard, where each customer`s status is displayed as “active” or “canceled.” If a billing contract is terminated, it cannot be reactivated. For a payment method to support the billing agreement, it is necessary to extend and implement it You can remove the billing agreements link by using the customer_account.xml file in your design or module. Magento_PayPal module agreement links. Determine the payment methods that are displayed to the buyer during checkout. By default, it depends on the buyer`s billing address, but you can replace it here. PayPal Verifies and saves the agreement. When the customer establishes the order with payment by settlement agreement, the reference identifier of the settlement agreement and the payment details of the customer`s order are transferred to PayPal and recorded in the customer account together with the reference information. If payment is authorized, an order is placed in Magento. The billing agreement reference ID is sent to the customer and the company. Automatically: Customers can sign a billing agreement in the Express Checkout Flow or use another payment method.

We have already mentioned that they are somewhat limited compared to administrators from the point of view of managing billing contracts. However, customers can process their billing agreements through the customer account dashboard. The system indicates whether records are “active” or “canceled”. .