Belarc Advisor License Agreement

Tags: belarc Advisor Installation, belarc Advisor program, audit pc, PC information, missing Microsoft security terminals, installed Microsoft security keys, software license list, computer information, list software versions, computer profile, computer name, computer operating system, computer processor, computer readers, computer users, computer controllers, bus adapters, computer communication, Computer virus protection, computer system model, computer motherboard, computer storage modules, local computer disk volumes, computer network drives, computer printers, computer screen Belarc products are used for software licensing management, configuration management, cybersecurity status, information security audit, information auditing, computer asset management and more. Q: Can I get a license to run Belarc Advisors on my business network or on my client`s network? Belarc products are used on more than fifty million computers and are licensed by many customers, including: AIA/Asia, Catholic Relief Services, Federal Aviation Administration, NASA, Oakland County Michigan, Railinc, Travelers, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Navy, Unilever, WebMD/Emdeon. 1. Note that the Belarc Advisor is a unique application that works with your Internet browser. It automatically displays your installed software and hardware. This advisor is reserved for personal use. The consultant or program of the consultant should not be used for commercial, educational or government purposes or for the aggregation of information on multiple computers. Information about the license for these purposes can be found at or by phone at Belarc at 1-978-461-1103.

We do not allow the use of Belarc Advisors for commercial purposes, but we recommend that you take a look at our products that we license for commercial use. 1. Download Belarc Advisor from the official website. After you finish the download, click on the guide.exe to run the installation program. 7. The general agreement is governed by the internal laws of the State of Massachusetts. This agreement includes the full agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements or agreements, whether orally or in writing. You ask all questions regarding this agreement to: Belarc, Inc., Two Clock Tower Place, Suite 520, Maynard, MA 01754, Attention: Legal. 4. Then comes the Belarc license agreement, read the license agreement carefully.

One of the strengths of the licensing agreement is that you can only install and use the Belarc Advisor program for personal use. Click the “I agree” button if you accept the Belarc Advisor licensing agreement and continue the installation process. 3. Property This license gives you limited rights for the use of the advisor. You are not the owner and Belarc retains ownership of the advisor and all copies of it.